The sector of the Education System is transforming rapidly by adopting the digital version of education.

As per stats, the eLearning platform has established a huge impact on the learners or students. Even the teachers at schools are also uplifting their skills by learning these eLearning courses.

Any of us, who is an expert in his/her niche can create an eLearning course. Hence, the way of explaining the subject or topic is different for every single person.

To create an engaging e-Learning course, the following are some tips:

  1. Clear Objective: Before creating the course make yourself clear about the objective of the course.
    Why you have created this e-learning course?
    Are the content and statics you shared copy-escaped and updated?
    Did learners get sound knowledge through your e-learning course?
  2. Organized structure: The main topics and sub-topics that are going to explain should be framed in a storyboard. Give a uniform look to your eLearning course and use eye-catching background formatting.
  3. Small modules: To escape your learners from boredom, try to divide the course into small modules. Each module should provide a clear concept of the subject matters.
  4. Interactive and Exciting feature to be added: via virtual classroom an interactive environment can be created as per the subject need. This can also be created by embedding the latest technologies such as Augmented reality and Virtual Reality.
  5. Show only need to know information: As the learners are seeking specific information or skills to be known or learn. Try to exclude the data which is not required for the learners. Make the content short, simple, and easy to understand.
  6. Keep it real and engaging: The data and stats presenting in the courses should be real and updated.
    To keep it engaging be a storyteller in your course and should have an effective audio strategy.
    The audio settings of course should be checked twice before uploading as it plays a very major role in the e-Learning course.
    The voice should be clear without any background noise.
  7. Audience curiosity (by e-learning games): Do not end up the course with a certificate and conclusion. Always try to answer your audience’s curiosity by implementing the learning into a practical one. By creating e-learning games, puzzles, etc.
  8. Visually Appealing: To provide an astounding experience to the learners the visual strategy for the course should be up to the mark or standard. It includes the color pallet, quality images & videos, icons, buttons, avatars & animations.
    And always use great designs or templates for online quizzes.

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