We are glad to announce a new partnership with Brainiak. We will share the vision with Brainaik of providing the educational sector with solid solutions that will make a difference.

Brainiak offers stimulating, engaging, innovative, optimal training of the latest technologies, for the benefit of students and employees.

We have many synergies between our two teams, including dedication to improving the quality of teaching and learning. Also the integration of new technologies in the education system.

We look forward to working with the Brainiak team and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome them.

About Brainiak

With BRAINIAK, the training of your employees or students will take on a whole new dimension. There are :
1. No more “Death by Powerpoint” ( Death by Powerpoint ) phenomenon,
2. No more snoring in the training room,
3. No more I-click-as-fast-as-possible-on-the-button -next-to-validate-the-online-course, finished the inevitable forgetting of the acquired knowledge two days after the training.

BRAINIAK uses its expertise and passion to offer a stimulating, engaging, and innovative training, so that at least:
(1) your learners stay awake in class, that assuredly
(2) your learners feel involved and masters of their learning, and ideally
(3) your learners consolidate the knowledge taught and retain it over the long term!

BRAINIAK is a small team (by size, not by ideas) of dedicated specialists in the acquisition and development. They carried the knowledge and skills in any area of expertise. We work with content experts to offer optimal training. And who is always at the forefront of the latest technologies on the market. Our specialties? Virtual reality (games, 360 videos), and artificial intelligence have not only applied to training. But, also in educational escape games, interactive scenarios, role-playing games, interactive digital tools used remotely or in the classroom. It is above all our innovative approach and flexibility that makes us unparalleled educational designers.

Finally, at BRAINIAK, we are very active in research and development. In-fact we work closely with universities and CEGEPs, in order to advance research in education together.